Study Programme

Workshops, seminars and lectures will follow a pre-set schedule. All workshops will be held as retreats at Baltic partner institutions (Stockholm-Sweden and Helsinki/Oulu-Finland) or nearby Rostock. The training program of Baltic TRANSCOAST is designed in a way that the PhDs students are gaining increasing responsibility for the content and organisation of the courses. This concept eventually leads to a 'students teach students' workshop.  In their last year (2018) the PhD-students are expected to participate in the annual international conference of the Association of the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) - Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018, Portland, Oregon, USA, and organize a Baltic TRANSCOAST session. Additional courses are offered by the Graduate Academy, University of Rostock. In total 24 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) are mandatory for a successful graduation.


Topic Duration ECTS Location
WS1 "Best practice' in Science; Scientific Presentation and Publishing" 3 days (02.-04.05.2016) 3 Hasenwinkel Castle, Germany
WS2 "Biogeochemistry and Coastal Food Webs" 1 week (02.-07.10.2016) 6 Stockholm/Askö, Sweden
Retreat I "Interdisciplinary collaboration" 1,5 days (23./24.11.2016) - Linstow, Germany
WS3 "Leadership and communication" 3 days (28.03./22.-23.05.2017) 3 Rostock, Germany
WS4 "Subsurface and Coastal Water Dynamics, Peat Ecology" 1 week (29.09.-6.10.2017) 6 Hyytiälä/Tvärminne, Finland
Retreat II "Interdisciplinary collaboration" 1,5 days (29./30.11.2017) - Manor Gremmelin, Germany
ASLO (+AGU) Meeting 2018, Special session Baltic TRANSCOAST 3 days (11.-16.02.2018) 3 Portland, Oregon, USA
WS5 "Students Teach Students" 2 days (Spring 2018) 3 near Rostock

Seminars and Lectures

Topic Frequency ECTS Location
Seminar Baltic TRANSCOAST Monthly as announced on website mandatory RTG, Rostock, A.-Einstein-Str. 21, R. 113
Breakfast discussions & data Baltic TRANSCOAST Weekly on Wednesdays (08:30-10:00 am) - RTG, Rostock, A.-Einstein-Str. 21, R. 113
Seminar Scientific Writing (Hands-on Training) as required    
Lecture Series 'Fragile Coastlines' 1 term 3