Study Programme

Workshops, seminars and lectures will follow a pre-set schedule. All workshops will be held as retreats at Baltic partner institutions (Sweden and Finland) or nearby Rostock. The training program of Baltic TRANSCOAST is designed in a way that the PhDs students are gaining increasing responsibility for the content and organisation of the courses. In their last year, the PhD students are expected to participate in an international conference together and organize a Baltic TRANSCOAST session. Additional elective courses are offered by Baltic TRANSCOAST and the Graduate Academy, University of Rostock, depending on the interest of the PhD students (e.g. Leadership and Communication, R). In total 24 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) are mandatory for a successful graduation.


Topic Duration ECTS Location      
Retreat I "Interdisciplinary collaboration" 1,5 days (March 2022) - Manor Gremmelin, Germany
WS1 "Best practice in Science 3 days 2 to be announced
WS2 "Hydrology and Biogeochemistry of Peatlands and the Baltic Sea" 1 week 5 Hyytiälä/Tvärminne, Finland
WS3 "Scientific Writing" 3 days 3 Rostock, Germany
WS4 "Biogeochemistry and Coastal Food Webs" 1 week 5 Sweden
Retreat II "Interdisciplinary collaboration" 1,5 days - Manor Gremmelin, Germany
International Conference, Special session Baltic TRANSCOAST tba tba tba

Seminars and Lectures

Topic Frequency ECTS Location
Seminar Baltic TRANSCOAST Monthly as announced on website mandatory RTG, Rostock, A.-Einstein-Str. 21, R. 113
Breakfast discussions & data Baltic TRANSCOAST Weekly on Wednesdays (08:30-10:00 am) - RTG, Rostock, A.-Einstein-Str. 21, R. 113
Seminar Scientific Writing (Hands-on Training) as required