Mercator-Fellow Prof. Caffrey (right) next to Prof. Bernd Lennartz (Sokesperson Baltic TRANSCOAST) and Prof. Maren Voß (left, Vice-Spokesperson Baltic TRANSCOAST) in an outdoor meeting with PhD-candidates and PIs from Baltic TRANSCOAST.
Prof. Caffrey giving a seminar.
PhD-candidates and PIs distribute over the large lecture hall to keep the minimum distance required by the pandemic.

Baltic TANSCOAST is fortunate to be visited by Mercator-Fellow Prof. Jane Caffrey (University of West Florida) during August 2021. Currently low Corona-incidences and lifted travel restrictions allow for a visit and cautious meetings in presence. Prof. Caffrey already gave an interesting seminar on “Nitrogen Biogeochemistry in estuarine and coastal habitats in the Northeast Gulf of Mexico, USA”. During her stay she will also give a course for the PhD-candidates on “Eutrophication in coastal environments” and communicate with many PhD-candidates and PI individually. Baltic TRANSCOAST is excited to be able to offer this opportunity for personal scientific exchange to its members after a long time of pandemic-dictated travel bans!