Baltic TRANSCOAST Seminar - Prof. Dr. Detlev Arendt (EMBL, Heidelberg)


The TREC expedition visits and connects European coastal ecosystems from Norway to Greece in the course of two consecutive years (2023 and 2024), with standardized sampling and shared metadata for more than 100 interconnected projects. TREC will explore the biodiversity and molecular adaptability of microbial communities as well as key selected organisms along pristine and anthropogenic gradients at more than 120 sampling sites. By combining the expertise and infrastructure of EMBL and our multiple European partners, TREC aims to initiate a new era of coastal ecosystems exploration. The goal is to observe, model, and understand the effects of changing environments on organisms and communities, at organismal, cellular and molecular levels. Im my presentation, I will give a general outline and scientific motivation for the expedition and zoom in on selected model species.

web: TREC – An expedition to study coastal ecosystems and their response to the environment, from molecules to communities (

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