Front to back row 1: Miaorun Wang, Cheryl Batistel, Erwin Racasa, Werna Werna, Natascha Ouillon, Anna-Kathrina Jenner, Tina Liesirova, Anne Breznikar row 2: Prof. Heide Schulz-Vogt, Simeon Choo, Petra Mutinova, Marvin Lorenz, Daniel Pönisch, Lara Prelle, Catia von Ahn, Cordula Gutekunst, Leonie Kandler row 3: PD Dr. Stefan Forster, Prof. Maren Voss, Dr. Gerald Jurasinski, Prof. Inna Sokolova, Prof. Ulf Karsten, Prof. Michael Böttcher, Dr. Manon Janssen, Dr. Martin Brede, Prof. Bernd Lennartz

In a two-day retreat on April 1st/2nd, 14 new PhD-students (2nd cohort) presented their research concepts continuing the work of their predecessors (1st cohort). They got a lot of valuable input from their fellow PhD-students and the principal investigators and discussed possible collaborations and synergies. The 2nd cohort has now picked up the baton and is gaining speed in continuing the scientific journey!