Finished Master and Bachelor Topics

M.Sc.: Eine Untersuchung der saisonalen Dynamik der Hydro- und Isotopenbiogeochemie von Oberflaechenwaessern der suedlichen Ostsee.

Benjamin Rach (finished 2018)

M.Sc.: Hydrogeochemistry and stable isotope biogeochemistry of groundwaters in Mecklenburg-Vorpommerania

Anna-Kathrina Jenner

The hydrogeochemistry and stable isotope biogeocemistry of ground waters in Mecklenburg Vorpommerania are investigated to understand evolution pathways and sources of water transformations and dissolved substances. These may build the potential sources for SGD along the German southern Baltic Sea coastline. Some shallow sites are under impact of enhanced reduced C sources and provide evidence for intense pyrite oxidation.



Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde, Geochemistry & Isotopic Biogeochemistry

M.Sc.: Varations of abiotic factors and their influence on the size-dependant oxygen consumption of Mya arenaria (Linnaeus, 1758)

Nikolas Arneth

Klimarelevante Spurengase im Warnowausstrom (Climate relevant trace Gases in the Warnow River)

Anne Breznikar

Starting in March 2017




M.Sc.: Ecophysiological response of Baltic Sea diatoms in Connection to a peatland (Hütelmoor)

Lara Prelle