Baltic TRANSCOAST Autumn School „Tide Dominated Coastal Systems” on the island Spiekeroog

PhD-candidates and teaching PIs of Baltic TRANSCOAST together with Prof. Gudrun Massmann and Dariya Baiko (second row 3rd and 4th from left) in front of a measuring pole of the DynaDeep setup. North beach Spiekeroog. (© privat/Baltic TRANSCOAST)
Arriving at Instiute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, Wilhelmshaven site, of the University of Oldenburg. (© Martin Sperling/Baltic TRANSCOAST)
Getting introduced to the equiment in the large gear storage of ICBM, Wilhelmshaven (© Martin Sperling/Baltic TRANSCOAST)
Arriving late on Spiekeroog. (© Martin Sperling/Baltic TRANSCOAST)
Lecture on Physical Oceanography of the Wadden Sea by Prof. Hans Burchard of Baltic TRANSCOAST. (© Martin Sperling/Baltic TRANSCOAST)
Hands-on measurements at the DynaDeep site with Prof. Massmann (right). (© Martin Sperling/Baltic TRANSCOAST)
Introduction to the DynaDeep research site on Spiekeroog with Prof. Gudrun Massmann. (© Martin Sperling/Baltic TRANSCOAST)
Inspecting the extensive DynaDeep setup. (© Martin Sperling/Baltic TRANSCOAST)
Excursion on Biology and Ecology of the island. (© Martin Sperling/Baltic TRANSCOAST)

In October 2023 Baltic TRANSCOAST conducted an Autumn School on the wadden sea island Spiekeroog for internal and associated PhD candidates to amend the mostly Baltic Sea focussed curriculum with lectures and excursions on tide dominated coastal systems.

On the way to the island, we visited the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (Wilhelmshaven site) and got very interesting insights into scientific topics and facilities by the working groups there.

In addition to lectures about for example physical oceanography of the Wadden Sea, dune succession and coastal protection, the highlights were a lecture about Subterranean Estuaries and a complementing visit to the DynaDeep field sites with Prof. Gudrun Massmann (Univiersity of Oldenburg). Furthermore, an introduction to the sea4society project by Dariya Bayko (University of Oldenburg) and excursions on Geology, Ecology and Ornithology of the island with local experts form Nationalpark-Haus Wittbülten and NLWKN.