PhD students at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018, Portland, USA

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018
Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018
Baltic TRANSCOAST Team at OSM 2018, USA (Photo: M. Kreuzburg)
Baltic TRANSCOAST Team at OSM 2018, USA (Photo: M. Kreuzburg)

11 PhD students in their 3. year of DFG-Research Training Group Baltic TRANSCOAST (GRK 2000) from the University of Rostock go to the international conference Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018, Portland, USA, as part of their qualification programme in order to present their work and research results in form of posters and presentations (Sessions), accompanied by Dr. Lennartz (Spokesperson), Dr. Voß (Vice Spokesperson) and Dr. Stefan Forster from the DFG- Research Training Group Baltic TRANSCOAST of the University of Rostock.​

We are pleased that our DFG-​​Mercator Fellow Dr. Fereidoun Rezanezhad from the University of Waterloo and his colleagues (Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen, et al.)​ are also presenting joint research results in posters at OSM in Portland. ​

Baltic TRANSCOAST Sessions: 

(here in reverse chronological order, 16.02. -12.02., only in excerpts)


CD53A  Land-Ocean Linkages Along Shallow Coastlines Under Human Impact II – (Orals)​

Oregon Convention Center- Oregon Ballroom 202, 2:00-4:00 pm

  • Matthias Kreuzburg: CD53A-02 Potential relationship between runoff from a coastal peat land on methane and nitrous oxide fluxes in shallow waters of the Baltic Sea
  • Viktoria Unger: CD53A-05 Production High, Consumption Low - Microbial Evidence for Heightened Methane Emissions in Rewetted Fens
  • Lennart Gosch: CD53A-06 Hydraulic properties of coastal fen peat as subjected to seawater impact
  • Hanna Schade: CD53A-08 In situ investigation on advective influence in permeable sand​


CD44B: Land-Ocean Linkages Along Shallow Coastlines Under Human Impact I - Posters

Oregon Convention Center – Poster Hall 4:00-6:00 pm​

  • Fouzia Haider: CD44B-0169: Combined effects of salinity and sediment reworking on burrowing behavior and bioenergetics of a marine bioturbator, the soft shell clam- Mya arenaria
  • Miriam Ibenthal: CD44B-0170 Calibration of a groundwater flow model to determine governing processes that drive groundwater flow between a coastal peatland and the Baltic Sea
  • Julia Westphal: CD44B-0171 Sulfur Isotope Biogeochemistry of Sediments and Soils from a temperate Coastal-Wetland Transition Zone, Southern Baltic Sea
  • Nils Karow: CD44B-0172 PIV-LIF Experiments on the Ground Water Discharge in Oceanic Bottom Boundary Layers
  • Katharina Romoth: CD44B-0180 Peat in Shallow Waters of the Baltic Sea as a Unique Substrate for Macrophytes
  • Fereidoun Rezanezhad1, Philippe Van Cappellen1 and Bernd Lenartz2, (1)University of Waterloo, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Waterloo, ON, Canada, (2)University of Rostock, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Rostock, Germany: CD44B-0173 Flow and Transport Processes and Biogeochemical Reactivity of Coastal Peatland Soils
  • Stefan Forster: CD44B-0178 The Potential of Bioirrigation – an Approach to capture Macrofauna Induced Solute Transport at the Sediment-Water Interface with an Index​

CD44B: Land-Ocean Linkages Along Shallow Coastlines Under Human Impact I - Poster Lightning

Oregon Convention Center – Poster Hall Lightning Area 04:00 PM - 04:25 PM


Further Sessions with participation of Baltic TRANSCOAST members/PhD students​:


E33A The Dynamics of Estuaries and CoastalBuoyancy-Driven Flows II ​

Oregon Convention Center - Oregon Ballroom 201, 2:00-4:00 (Orals)​ 3:00 pm

  • Xaver Lange: E33A-05 Wind-induced preconditioning of river plumes in non-tidal estuaries


BN11A: Biogeochemical Processes Across Oxic-AnoxicTransitions I ​​

Oregon Convention Center - D135-D136 (Orals) 08:45 am

  • Simon Langer: BN11A-04 Redox Sensitive Polyphosphates in Filamentous Sulfur Bacteria Visualized by NanoSIMS


More information regarding OSM 2018:

Scientific Program OSM 2018 

The 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM), co-sponsored by the American Geophysical Union (AGU), the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO), and The Oceanography Society (TOS), will be held 11-16 February, in Portland, Oregon. Continue reading