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Baltic TRANSCOAST Research

Baltic TRANSCOAST investigates the water and solute exchange between land and sea across the coastal ecocline in an interdisciplinary team bringing together marine and terrestrial scientists. We regard the coastal ecocline as a continuum and focus our research on three, strongly interrelated research fields, namely hydrodynamic, (bio)geochemical and biological processes. Co-operations across the research fields underline the interdisciplinary character of the research training group. Closely linked investigations will be conducted by all PhD students at one common study site, the nature reserve "Heiligensee and Hütelmoor", north-east of the city of Rostock. The research is supported by existing high-end infrastructure provided by both hosting institutions University of Rostock and the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Rostock-Warnemünde (IOW)

All research (PhD) topics are based in one research field (solid lines: hydro-dynamic; dashed lines: (bio)geochemical; dotted lines: biological) and approach their objects of interest either from the land or from the sea side. The numbers refer to the PhD topics.

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